on 31 Oct 2018 5:47 PM
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With Portugal under the spotlight of economic growth, many local brands are striving to capitalise on the “portugalidade” spirit to build a position. Discover how Brand Reveal worked with Lost Flavour to leverage and express that Portuguese spirit for its new brand, the “Rumar” aguardente.

Creating a new brand can feel like starring at a blank sheet: excitement from endless possibilities, then panic from the many tasks and tight deadlines. For the Rumar Aguardente project, we followed a simple, yet effective path, to tap into the best of Portugal and match it with the desired consumer occasions.

To begin with, we chose the consumption occasions where Rumar can play. With a commercial brief pointing to supermarket distribution and the category being consumed in group occasions, the brand had to fit moments were people want to share and be open. Like a drink or a meal at the end of a busy day.

These friendly moments are essential in (and out of) Portugal as we live in a complex world. Just think of the administrative mazes or professional constraints we need to deal with. Gone are the days were things were easy. And so Rumar reconnects mid-age adults with their carefree side, with pleasure, trust and warmth.

At the core of Rumar, a brandy made from Portuguese wines, matured 2 years in 2 different oak casks and then blended together. The American casks bring vanilla & mellowness, the French casks deliver fruit aromas and a spice touch, easy to recognise and enjoy in the blend.

To express the carefree idea in the Portuguese way, we chose the period between World Wars, when society showed optimism. Back then, Portugal started embracing the modern times and saw the birth of holidays and travels that came with industrialisation.

OmDesign developed the pack with a fresh look on this period geometry, movement and colours, wrapping the bottle like a Morris column, a wink to those lovely Estoril Riviera ads, futurism and Fado. The name “Rumar”, (to pilot, to manoeuvre) symbolises that moment when we make plans for the future, like imagining the next holidays…

In this project, the desired consumption motivations inspired the brand proposition. Only then we defined the type of “portugalidade” of the brand (pleasure, trust and warmth), which guided the creative expression and historical staging of the brand. If you wish to build brands with a consistent bond between consumer insights, brand proposition and original creative expression, talk to us.