on 18 Oct 2018 10:41 AM
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Expressing a brand positioning is a must in consumer goods, as differentiation and strong emotional benefits are key to grow. So how does one position a new lottery game, where all those fantastic jackpots strive for our wallet? Read here how Brand Reveal worked with Maltco to define and launch their new game: SuperStar.

Maltco Lotteries is Malta’s National Lottery operator with 7 game brands (Lotto, Scratchers, Super Five…) and a direct presence on the island through over 200 points of sales since 2004. In early 2018, the company decided to extend their offering with a new game. Surely the jackpot would have to be attractive, but Maltco Lotteries needed “something” that would go beyond big prizes, which in brand architecture terms, are a “functional benefit” - even if money is a tangible feature!

This “something” had to be an emotional benefit, rooted in usages, attitudes and product truths. A review of the market showed a space in the area of “exploring new things and enjoying moment to the fullest”. Armed with this cue, we ran with Maltco and its creative agency – MPS – a workshop in Valletta to define the brand essence and its key proposition. When building a positioning, workshops are our preferred ways of working, as company teams are their brands best experts and these moments create the right sense of ownership to deliver strategies.

With all the aspects of the brand in mind, from its target audience to the game system, we developed a proposition based around the prospects of being able to “ignite possibilities” for men and women in their 30’s, motivated by the will to live life on their own terms, away from the expected. The name for the game: SuperStar. And so, SuperStar gives the freedom to participants to do things as they want, away from the expected pleasures of the riches…

The communication takes the form of engaging TV / Social media spots, whereby a character is passionately working behind a project (a car, a show…) which the viewer would imagine in a show-off situation, only to take an unexpected twist at the end, driven by that spirit of independence. And a simple claim “Shine Your Way – SuperStar”. With the workshop having taken place end May 2018 and the game launched in September, this case also shows how a strong and clear brand positioning can bring efficiency and clarity into a development process.

If you would like to bring that extra “something” into your brands and go beyond the (great) functional benefits your brands, and no matter how furiously intense your competitive set is, do give us a shout at [email protected]: we will help reveal that extra "something" your brands is all about, with a super excited brand team! .