on 05 Jul 2017 10:40 AM
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In the world of wines, the profusion of information can turn wine choice into a complex nightmare. So how does one connect wines with simplicity? Read here how Brand Reveal helped Oscar & Claudia Quevedo answer this question for their Douro table wines.

A few years ago, Oscar Quevedo and sister Claudia decided to diversify their Port wine range with Douro wines, with the same approachability that has coined their Ports since 1991. As such, their table wines simply carry their first names and the first labels showed lovely hand drawn characters reading or resting in a garden.

Whilst this depicted the idea of wines for calm moments, some voices pointed out that the presentation seemed a bit naïve or passive. Despite the range playing in standard prices, the need to showcase more value arose. So the questions became: how can we add more credibility while preserving the initial simplicity?

To meet this challenge, we carried out a brand review with the team. We did not have market research data, but relied on Oscar and Claudia experience: as they travel thousands of kilometres every year and meet countless clients every year, they were our smart information source!

Oscar and Claudia wines natural occasions include relaxed lunches and barbecues at week ends, with friends and family, where people want to feel well within their group, with no stress or obligations. In these moments, people look for simple and straightforward brands. Here no show off. Then, when we asked Claudia about her wine making principles, she simply replied “I make wines that I like. That’s it”.

So there we had it: Oscar and Claudia Douro most important benefit is about celebrating simplicity, because their wines are good easy to enjoy. They are made to please. And that's it. At the core of their products, three values: happiness, simplicity and sharing.

With these elements in mind, we then revamped the product range to reflect these values and feel. Naturally, we found that soft and warm colours would nicely stir up the range, and that simple cues about the harvest year, provenance and grape varieties, would help feed drinkers imagination and complement their gathering moments.

Last, and because it is an important element, we also paid close attention to the back label. And rather than copy / pasting the usual food pairing ideas of fish and meat, we opted to use this space as a “letter to a friend”, were Oscar and Claudia simply say “hello” and thank everyone for stopping for a glass of wine…