on 17 May 2017 7:35 PM
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Founded in 1942 with the creation of Mateus Rosé by Fernando van Zeller Guedes, Sogrape is Portugal’s largest wine producer. Today the company is present all over the world, produces in Spain, Argentina, Chile and New Zealand, and drives a portfolio of more than 30 brands which includes gems such as Casa Ferreirinha or Sandeman. To mark its 75th anniversary, Sogrape revisited its corporate identity and image.

To meet this challenge, Sogrape brought together Brand Reveal’s experience in the marketing of wines with Ivity, a Lisbon based corporate branding agency, known for their work with TAP airlines and the Galp oil company. The project took three stages, in the form of a deep dive into the company culture and identity history, the construction of a corporate brand proposition, and the expression of a signature.

In the course of several conversations with the employees and management, we realised that Sogrape houses an extraordinary passion, a desire to foster its founder creative genius and the need to bring to life common the values that unify its brands.

This material proved extremely valuable to form the “Sogrape Original Legacy Wines” proposition. The “Original Legacy Wines” expression was added to illustrate what the company stands for: to be the creators and custodians of wines, unlike others (original), with origins, with a great history, but also which are meant to last well beyond generations, like a legacy.

To express this new proposition, the Sogrape flame signature was created. The symbol sports a hand holding a torch with wine leaves. The movement to the right expresses dynamism and transmission.

The style itself is classic, reflecting wine’s timelessness. A warm copper colour was adopted to symbolise warmth (vs. a previous navy blue). Last, some will recognise a Mateus bottle held upside down, as a discreet homage to the brand who started it all.

To respect its brands identities and yet show its endorsement, the group now features the “Sogrape Original Legacy Wines” signature on it product back labels and on every communication material in a non-invasive way, as a sign of quality and good stewardship.