on 27 Apr 2017 4:00 PM
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Trovisca is a Port brand from a young Douro Port house, Quevedo. In 2015 Quevedo decided it was time to give a boost to Trovisca and gave the Tender Love & Care it needed with Brand Reveal and DarwinBev.

To start with, we did not have much: a simple bottle and label that made made Trovisca look a bit poor and a vineyard near são João da Pesqueira in the Douro valley in Portugal. But we were eager to give Trovisca some “Tender Love & Care”. That famous “TLC”.

Rather than flog to death the usual ideas (we are different, we are young, we are craft…) we decided to have a picnic in the vineyards. Just to catch the atmosphere. I remember still wines, port wines, roasted chicken, local cheese and "berbigão" with lime, next to an old stone house, in the middle of the vineyards, under the sun… next to a little forest and an old dog called Black.

As this felt so calm and so soothing, the brand idea came naturally: Trovisca formed as the relaxed proposition, for calm moments, away from the world, perfect after a busy day, to relax and sip a simple Port.

This idea simply connected with a simple brand truth, i.e, this wild forest which protects and isolates the vineyard from outside world, like a secret garden, a magic and intimate retreat we all need. As soon as we had landed into this magical feeling, we felt like “Alice in Wonderland” and started noticing all the flowers, trees, plants, scents, birds, foxes and rabbits of the Quinta.

So when we designed the label together with the DarwinBev team in Lisbon, we opted for a colourful world, yet simple, calm and soothing. To suggest the idea of the secret garden, we nested the “T” of Trovisca with all the beautiful details we pictured from our picnic. To express that simple provenance, we felt the call “Cultivate Your Secret Garden” was appropriate and brought our support to the Durell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

The world of brands is full of smart thinking, strategy, technique, rationalisation, test and so on. But if you are onto a quest to define what your brands stands for, never forget to put that “TLC” factor. Because brands are ideas, and ideas need care, love and tenderness to grow.