on 01 Feb 2017 11:32 AM
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In a world which embraces more and more the digital immediacy, the desire for comforting authenticity is an opportunity for historic brands, provided they can open their treasure groves in a relevant and attractive way. In this article we explore how the Monnet cognac reveals its precious assets in a meaningful way.

Founded more than 175 years ago by the father of Jean Monnet - himself the Founding Father of Europe - the Monnet cognac is famous for its early advertising, the 1927 Leonetto Cappiello “Soleil dans un verre” poster. Then for more than half a century, Monnet underwent several ownership changes, gradually losing its soul, until Thomas Hine & Co. decided to revive it.

When Brand Reveal and Megusta were tasked to build the brand offer and platform, we dived into the brand archives. Soon, the salamander appeared as the unifying symbol, not only because of its historical pervasiveness, but also because of its meaning and connections.

Salamanders are linked to alchemy and the quest for gold, they symbolize fire and their healing properties remain a mystery. Apart from these evident links to the cognac liquid, salamanders were also part of Francis the 1st coat of arms. Born in Cognac (!), this King fostered the Renaissance spirit in France, opening an era of humanism, were the individual development is at the centre of science and arts.

We refreshed Monnet early salamander expression to support the invitation to “Treasure Yourself” and brought to life the proposition in every brand aspect, from product to identity and communication for a cohesive and distinctive message.