on 22 Oct 2018 3:42 PM
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Glen Moray is a Single Malt Scotch founded in 1897 in Elgin, the capital of Speyside. To support its international development, the brand commissioned Megusta to develop a communication platform rooted in brand truths that would appeal to a wide audience across borders. Discover here how Brand Reveal worked with Megusta to develop a solid ans simple idea for Glen Moray.

Scotch is a crowded category with many brands claiming excellence and provenance. Whilst it was key to underline the quality elements of the brand to justify its retail price, it was also essential to build a strong emotional appeal to build differentiation and preference. To meet this imperative, we sharpened the brand positioning elements with a close look at consumption occasions.

Glen Moray oozes quality, but also discretion, warmth, substance and honesty and is very close to the heart of its makers. After all, this is a hundred years old brand which is only starting to speak louder beyond its usual frontiers, So, there is a LOT to share with proximity, friendliness integrity and character.

The campaign launched earlier on this year shows how the idea travels beautifully across the line in print, on social networks and making-off videos of the 4 visuals which can be found on youtube.

The Glen Moray campaign shows how connecting brand truths with an emotional offering helps shaping stronger and unique brand propositions. Next time you want to give that extra edge to you brand, try identify what it can bring in terms of emotions.