Portfolio Strategy

Portfolio strategy is about ensuring your brands align with present and future opportunities. We identify the line extentions, innovations, brand roles, markets and priorities to best shape up your portfolio.

Our in depth preparation and team engagement allow for well informed and innovative planning, beyond daily pressures.

Each portfolio strategy we help deliver serves as an inspiring roadmap, with clear objectives, resources, roles and building blocks.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning defines what your brand stands for. To express a compelling proposition, we dive deep into the product and brand nuggets, and connect them with the consumer’s needs and occasions.
We identify insights from consumption occasions, build platforms with values, personality, benefits, and reasons to believe. Each platform is complemented by a robust product architecture with clear line extension roles.
Every brand positioning project provide clear and inspiring view on their brand. This in turn creates strong alignment and sharp activity briefs on which to benchmark proposals and build consistant offers.

Brand Planning

Brand planning defines the brand growth pillars and roadmap. We transform brand positionings into long term strategy around a shared ambition and annual priorities in line with markets dynamics.
With our international team management experience, we create the right collaborative dynamics for sharp ideas and solid initiatives at market and functional levels.
Every Brand Planning project equips your teams  with a clear idea of the most attractive and attainable oportunities aswell as clear market roles, no matter their size.

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