Marketing Organization

Marketing Organization defines and implement the optimal team to run your brands given identified needs and resources.
Our experience in large corporations and small companies allows to draw on a rich variety of cases to help define marketing structures, roles and responsibilities that match your brand ambitions and mix.
Our help is a Marketing Director’s HR secret card to recruit, manage and train your future marketing leaders.

Brand Building Tools

Brand Building Tools are the techniques and theory your company sets to define and drive its brands. Also known as “Marketing Academy”, these tools serve as a common language between brands or markets to assess  platforms and plans.
Every Brand Building Tools project identifies the best of existing frameworks in a company such as positioning, insight generations or activity briefs, and enhances them with our blue chip models.
Brand Building Tools deliver tremendous efficiency benefits as they clarify definitions, lift up quality output and accelerate the training and integration of new team members. 

Pricing & Promotions

Pricing is the only marketing lever with a direct and unambiguous impact on the bottom line. Yet, it is not the favourite discipline sought by brand managers…
At Brand Reveal we have the tools and approach to understand pricing landscapes and answer simple questions such as optimal pricing level or defining optimal promotions that amplify profits – in an exciting way !
Our pricing approach allows your team to embark on a  journey to become better at Pricing and to collectively own this discipline accross marketing, sales and finance departments for maximum efficiency with distribution and retail partners.

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