X-Mas time, gifting time!

The year-end season is very important for wines and spirits : not only the seasonality is high, but there is no time to offset results if a business closes its books in December. During this period, most of wines and spirits promotions take the form of price offers and / or gifting, with some communication (for the most fortunate players). Read here how Brand Reveal in partnership with OmDesign developed the 2019 gift packs range that made Licor Beirão stand out this Christmas.

Licor Beirão is a Portuguese liqueur brand founded in 1940 by José Carranca Redondo. Today, the brand is owned and managed by the founder’s family. Simply put, Licor Beirão is THE most iconic Portuguese liqueur, a transgenerational phenomenon, a lively blend of tradition and humour.

Every year, Licor Beirão proposes a colourful range of gift packs to match the Christmas and New Year festive mood. This year, Licor Beirão approached us with a brief calling to bring to life “Portugality in a festive period” that would take the form of very desirable packs to ensure off-take.

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“Portugality” is a topic many Portuguese brands are keen to leverage. But rather than just line up the usual icons, we wanted to stage these elements within the brand spirit. To fine tune the brief, we made a deep dive into the gift giver and receiver insights, to make sure the pack would reflect the affiliative and fun mood. 

After some initial concepts, we quickly narrowed the choice around a creative idea with a liquid swirling around the bottle.

We also opted to show only the Portuguese symbols which match the brand idea (Rooster of Barceló, Heart of Viana, Pastel de Nata,…) with sentences suggesting fun and happiness (have a Beirão at hand, cheers to us, a Beirão is never alone…).

The friendly tone of the pack was further brought out by the hand drawing of the elements. To ensure shelf stand out and to build on its visual identity, we used the Licor Beirão yellow, a warm and inviting colour. However, the brand liked so much the idea that we also produced a “white” variant. Last but not least, as people like to offer gifts and not advertising, we made sure that the whole execution would be appealing and that the commercial offer (e.g. a free glass) could be removed from the wrap.

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The whole project went rather fast, with little amendments in the final artwork. We did spend some time to visit the brand and have deep conversation about the brand purpose or the do’s and dont’s. This was time well spent as it painted a clear frame to ensure the creative proposal would be in strategy. A well-defined brief always helps quality work! 

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